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Designing for you; with award winning service

Are you are looking for a designer? Do you have a home that needs reimagining? Or a piece of Land that needs its potential unlocking? A dream house to realise? A factory that needs a new manufacturing space?

If the answer is yes, and you want a team of approachable professionals that explains things in plain English, ready to realises your vision, and not their own, then you have come to the right place.

This is where creativity meets technical understanding, design flair meets practicality and bespoke design solutions are delivered on time and within budget;

Underpinned by Award wining client focus – we are delighted to announce that we were voted Best Client Focused Architecture Firm in Lancashire 2023!

Client Focused

Whether it is a new Home or a new Cleanroom we are specialists in  residential + Commercial Architecture

ISO 14644 Cleanroom Solutions

From ISO-classified Cleanrooms, EU GMP and temperature Controlled Environments, we work across multiple project sectors. Our main priority is to understand your process and from there deliver bespoke, technical and transparent design and build options to suit the specific manufacturing need and regulatory standard. 

Unlocking the potential of land

From new build housing to flats and commerical buildings, if you have land you have options. Why not explore these options? 

Through rigorous analysis, understanding of planning law, technicaland spatial requirements we can guide you through the various options that are best for your site and objectives. Our carefully crafted solutions aim to maximise your return on investment so you can be assured that the solution will be right for you. 

The Latest

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New Operating theatre


It matters and we care. The environment and climate consideration are at the heart of what we do, and therefore sustainability is a core focus across all of our projects.

We are strong advocates of the Passivhaus Standard. A powerful tool for designing truly sustainable buildings. 

Modern methods of construction and innovative construction materials also play a crucial role and as such we are the Northern Partner for JUWO – a monolithic clay based building system.