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Alston + Donnelly is a North West based Architecture, design and management practice. Over the last 10 years we have developed specialisms in residential and commercial architecture, specifically extensions, new builds and Cleanrooms.
A Chartered CIAT practice with a multi-disciplinary team, we offer multiple services – we are a small practice with big experience. This means that we are customer focused, you will always have the support of the entire team. You will always be valued and will not feel like your project isn’t important, or sits second place to other projects.


Why an Architectural and Project Managment Practice?

We had worked for award winning Architects. We had worked for global manufacturers of building products. We had worked for main contractors.

Having a shared background of delivering high value technical projects, products and services we were flabbergasted by the poor knowledge share between industries and the seeming lack of joined up thinking. 

Challenges we faced were:

  •  A perception of Architects being unapproachable
  • Services being over priced or over complicated
  • Feeling talked down to
  • Poor customer service
  • Lack of in-depth material and product application knowledge
  • Lack of technical knowledge 
  • Hierarchical and outdated ideas
  • Overall lack of clarity


As a result of this experience SD Consulting was founded in 2013 by Steve Donnelly to offer robust, creative, practical and  Architectural Services with a transparent pricing structure and clarity on what you, the client, is getting for your investment. 

In 2019 Steve sat down with Richard Alston, friends, colleagues and collaborators of over 17 years.

Richard had embarked on his own successful career, working in global technical and commercial roles from Cardiff to California. Richards focus was, and remains, on innovative architectural envelope solutions, specifically Cleanrooms, EWI, JUWO and Passivhaus. 

A winning combination

In 2020 Alston + Donnelly was born. A fusion of robust, practical and innovative solutions, combined with industry leading technical and manufacturing knowledge – underpinned by a shared passion for customer service and focus. 

How can we do better by you?

We aim to deliver the best possible journey and experience. That is our mission. 

Where are we based

We work from an office in central Lancaster, in the North West of England, but we work on projects across the UK. 

The Team

Richard Alston

Richard is the Cleanroom and Passivhaus lead.

Steve Donnelly

Steve leads the Residential and Commerical projects. 

Multidisciplined Designers

We are a small team delivering big results. At the start of each project you will be introduced to the team members who will be delivering your project. 

Your journey starts here